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The greatest delicacy of the winter, gul-gui

The taste of the sea! Milk of the sea, gul-gui

Gul-gui is so delicious, that you wouldn’t know if time is passing by
Soft and tangy gull’s flavor and scent is strong, so it remains in the mouth as a soft lingering imagery

It is a perfect food, rich in various nutrients

Once winter comes by, oyster lovers start to get excited. How rich will be this year's oysters? Oyster tastes different depending on its region, the weather of that year and its size and shape. Now there are various ways of cooking oyster, including, boiled rice in oyster soup, oyster sashimi, oyster seasoned in vinegar and oyster jeon(pancake), all containing the unique taste of oyster. There is a western saying, ‘eat oyster, then you will love longer’. Napoleon ate oyster during all of his three meals in the battlefield. Oyster is a complete food also known as one of the best food for stamina. Oyster is known for its high level of calcium and alkalinity. Western people eat vegetable and fruit to nullify majorly acidic diet. Therefore, fish and snail dishes are considered high class food. Oyster is essential for maintaining pregnant women's health. Oyster grown in Yeosu receives abundant amount of sunlight resulting in bigger size. Also called as milk grown in the sea, contains high level of calcium and iron and its major season being from November through February. Oyster, unlike other shellfish, is soft and easy to digest its protein and other nutritions suitable for infants, seniors and patients. Oyster contains higher level of taurine than other seafood. Taurine not only helps development of infants' brain but also helps avoid stroke, arteriosclerosis, cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, and liver diseases. Oyster also contains necessary amino acids and EPA and DHA, unsaturated fatty acid. EPA lowers level of neutral fat and cholesterol, helping avoid arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, cerebral hemorrage, while DHA improves learning capability, lowers level of cholesterol, has anticancer properties and anti-aging effects.

굴구이가 접시에 잘 놓여있는 모습


Gul-gui restaurants are all along Dolsan coast. This is a place where you can enjoy the scene in the driveway along the coast and enjoy nutritious oyster. Yeosu is a place where you can enjoy great sceneries and nutritious oysters. Let's explore Yeosu to enjoy oyster right out of the oven right along the ocean.

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