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The mysterious island Sado Island, where the sea paths open like miracle...

This island seems as if someone has piled sand over the sea.

Sado Island was originally called Saho, as in island that is like sand poured on the top of the ocean,
and it became Sado Island when the administrative districts were reorganized.
It is ironic that Sado Island, with its beautiful sands, was once a paradise of dinosaurs, with sharp teeth.

After about one and half hours of cruise from the Yeosu harbor, you get to the Sado island which is famous for the Mosaic miracle sea road 4 times a year. Dinosaurs lived in this island about 60~70 millions years ago.Now on the beach is just two dinosaurs which had been made by a sculptor.

It's a enough sign to notice visitors that the place is the island of dinosaurs.

The two dinosaur models seem alive and the detail even to the skin is very impressive. The Pacific Ocean starts from the Sado Island.

It's also the observation spot when they launched the NARO rocket.Thinking the Pacific Ocean which was only seen in the map is beginning from the Sado, you can real-feel what the large ocean is like. Why don't you visit this breathtaking scenery made of 7 islands

공룡 화석지

중도와 시루섬을 잇는 백사장이있는 양면해수욕장 전경

시루섬 입구의 거북바위

Sado is famous for the 780m sea road with width of 15m which connects the 7 islands around the 15th day on Lunar calender.Among those 7 islands, you can see the longest footstep line which is 62m in Chudo Island. Walk slowly, and thoroughly look through all the traces, foot steps, and the dinosaurs which had been vanished with all these vestiges.

You can find the huge footsteps with three toes along the coast. It looks even clearer bigger since it contains water in it. When you get to the Jeungdo Island, there is the mystique Yangmyeon Beach in front of you. Walking along the beach and up the rock hill, there you can find the rock looks like a face.The fantastic natural sculpture will astonish the visitors.It's a human figure made by wind and time.Those wind and time also made the bigger rock which looks like a big turtle. As time goes, everything vanishes.



Traveling remote places gives the epiphany of the mortality of humans and immortality of the nature.

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