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Feel the breath and traces of the sea, Yeosu Gaetkkagil

The footsteps taken while feeling
the breaths and traces of the people of the sea

Gaetkkagil, which has been a base of life for people of the sea, is 23km long and it connects Dolsan Park to Museulmok
Forest paths, Bireonggil, and marine paths that have the nature itself preserved greet the visitors,
and the folklore told in various direction boards adds to the fun

Yeosu Gaetkkagil has opened in 2013 and is receiving avid attention as a superb healing road of the southern seas. The forest path that has the nature itself preserved, which was a base of life for the people of the sea, Bireonggil, walking on top of the coastal cliffs, and marine road, stretched to the seas, greet the visitors and the smart direction boards everywhere provides them with various information and storytelling. The Gaetkkagil course, reaching a total of 400km, has up to 3 course and Yeosu night sea course opened. It was a road where the locals used to go fishing and collect seafood. The old roads that are no longer traveled due to the appearance of new roads were rediscovered and refined so that the visitors can walk safely.

Course 1

Uduri Harbor → Dolsan Park → Sinchu(Geobukseon Bridge) → Jinmok Village → Mildeumbeong → Beombawi Rock → Yongwolsa Temple → Woljeonpo → Ansimgae → Hadong Three way intersection → Masangpo → Jinmo Village → Anguljeon → Museulmok (23km / 7hours / 12sections)

Course 1 is from Uduri Harbor (Dolsandaegyo Bridge) to Museulmok, and it is a total of 23km, 12 sections and it takes about 7 hours. Each section takes about 20 minutes if short and about 45 minutes if long, and most spots per section has a bus stop in operation, so if you would like to walk per sections, then using a bus is convenient. It is a course that connects Uduri Harbor → Dolsan Park → Sinchu(Geobukseon Bridge) → Jinmok Village → Mildeumbeong → Beombawi Rock → Yongwolsa Temple → Woljeonpo → Ansimgae → Hadong Three way intersection → Masangpo → Jinmo Village → Anguljeon → Museulmok. Most roads were old roads of the past rediscovered and polished so that the visitors can travel safely. It was a road where people used to go fishing and collect seafood. As it has been long since anyone walked here, just by walking on Gaetkkagil, you can feel the old atmosphere.

길 아래로 보이는 바다풍경

범바위까지 1.31km 남았다는 안내판

Course 2

Museulmok → Woram → Dureungye → Gyedong → Dumunpo → Bangjukpo Beach (17km / 5hours / 5sections)

Course 2 connects Museulmok to Bangjukpo beach, in a total of 17.8km and 5 sections, and it takes about 5 hours. It is a road to Bangjukpo. It starts at Jeonnam Marine Fishery Science Museum, is formed of 2km of Bireonggil, and passes by beach harmonized with pines and mud flat experience place. As you walk while looking at the horizon of the wide southern seas, you will arrive at Bangjukpo Beach without even realizing.

Course 3

Bangjukpo Beach → Baekpo → Gipo → Daeyul → Soyul → Impo(8km / 3hours / 5sections)

Course 3 starts from Bangjukpo Beach, passes by Baekpo, Gipo, Daeyul, and Soyul, and finishes at Impo where Hyangilam Temple is located at: It is a course formed of 5 sections. The total length is about 8km, and it takes about 3 hours. Course 3 takes you above thrilling Bireonggil, passes by Mongdolbat and fishing village, and also passes through the trails of the forest where pines are clustered. You can look at the Sangju-myeon of Nam-hae and Dumido Island and Yokjido Island of the Geoje coastal seas in a sight. It is also a course where you can experience the well preserved state of Hallyeo Waterworks Marine National Park. The difficulty level is high.

3코스를 걷다가 만나는 어촌마을 풍경

오솔길바닥의 나뭇잎과 등산객의 발

NFC기능이 설치된 안내판

Night sea course (1-1 course)

Yi Sun-sin Plaza → Dolsandaegyo Bridge → Jindu Marine Road → Geobukseon Bridge → Hamel Lighthouse → Ocean Park (7.6km / 2hours / 4sections)

Yeosu Night sea course is Gaetkkagil course 1-1 and it is a course designed so one could enjoy the beautiful and romantic night seas that is also widely known through the song ‘Yeosu night seas’ by Busker Busker. You can cross the two bridges that connect Yeosu and Dolsan, Dolsandaegyo Bridge and Geobukseon Bridge, and watch Janggundo Island, with illumination. Yeosu night seas that you can see Yeosu port, including both bridges, at a sight in Namsan Park is just fantastic. The full length of the course is 7.8km and it is formed of 4 sections. It takes 2 hours to finish the course.

해양공원 야경, 멀리 보이는 돌산대교와 장군도의 불빛

형형색색의 거북선 대교의 야경

돌산대교의 화려한 불빛

There is a NFC function on the Yeosu Gaetkkagil’s direction boards. You can use the smart phone to find out the whole course and story and information for each section: It is like a moving direction board. If you place your smartphone on the direction board installed on the course, then it provides information on the length of the course on that section, tide time, resting areas, and traffic information. Also, it does storytelling on the history and environment on the place where you are standing at.

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