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It makes the hearts of the visitors flutter every spring!

Yeongchwisan Mountain is among the top 3 azalea habitats that are as wide as 140 soccer fields.

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The Yeongchwisan Mountain is covered with azalea flowers every April. The Azalea Festival is held every year, and there are lots of events like Miss Azalea Contest, Feast of Children's Dream, and so on for the visitors.

Yeongchwisan Mountain, one of the three largest colonies of azalea flowers, is also celebrating the festival with flowers in early-April.Walking up the trail beside the Heungguksa Temple, the breathtaking view of the azalea flowers covering the mountain like a pink paints is welcoming the visitors. Various events that occur in azalea fields also attract visitors, and Sanshinje ancestral rites, a spiritual pillar of Yeongchwisan Azalea Festival, has a key role in the festival.

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When the ridge that connects Yeongchwibong peak behind Heungguksa Daeungjeon and Jindallaebong peak turns pink from azalea, the atmosphere of spring visits, and many visitors come to see azalea in their full glory. Yeongchwisan Mountain is one of the top 3 azalea habitats that boast the wideness of 140 soccer fields, and it is a place that makes the hearts of the visitors flutter every spring! Enjoy spring outing while getting smothered in the scent of spring, with the spring haze and pink Yeongchwisan azalea.

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