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Passenger Ship

Guide to issuing of the passenger ticket for Yeonan Passenger Ship and identification procedures

  • The issuing of the passenger ticket for Yeonan Passenger ship and identification procedures, that sails Geomundo Island, Nammyeon, Hahwado Island, and Sado, has become stricter since June 1st, 2014.
  • Tourists who intend to ride the Yeonan Passenger ship must give their identity card to get the passenger ticket issued and ride the ship. (Without the identification card or any other proof of identity, you are not allowed to board) Considerable amount of time may take on the identity confirmation and ticket issuing process, so you must refer to this when planning for the trip.

Certificates needed for boarding the passenger ship

  • For ordinary person(Including university students) : identity card, driver's license, etc. (Can be replaced with passport before the expiration date, national skill qualification certificate with a photo attached, welfare card, etc.)
  • For middle/high school students : Proof of adolescence, student ID, etc.
  • For elementary school students and younger : identity cardㆍabstract of the census register, health insurance certificate, welfare card, etc.
  • Identity card issue confirmation document, proof of identity(of school, belonging army unit, etc.) are also allowed

Other Notes

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