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시티투어 버스의 옆모습

시티투어 버스 정류장에 서있는 시티투어 버스

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Information & Reservation Inquiries : Dongseo Tourism Co., Ltd. 82-61-692-0900, 0903

Course information

Historic artifacts and relics that you encounter in each and every tourist destination or even those you pass by the window on the bus travelling around Yeosu on the Romantic Bus are enough to make you understand the ancient provincial history of Yeosu that it kept from the ancient times.

Odongdo Island is where you can appreciate the dark blue sea of Namhae from the excitingly dancing musical fountain, barefoot park, Sinudae Tunnel, Odongdo Lighthouse and the observatory. The entire island is full of camellia trees, green bamboo trees and silver magnolia trees.

Jinnamgwan Guesthouse is registered as No. 304 Natural Treasure and is the biggest single-story wooden building that exists until today. It served as the Jeolla Jwasuyeong and Navy Headquarters of Three Provinces during the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592 and it was where the Turtle Ship was first built.

오동도관광안내도를 보면서 설명하는 해설가와 이를 듣고있는 관광객들

국보 제 304호 진남관 전경

In the vicinity of Yi Sun-sin Square are fine delicacies on the Jwasuyeong Food Culture Street. Visitors have a broad range of choices from spicy raw tonguefish salad to soy sauce marinated crab, eel soup, duck soup and Korean meal set.

Maritime & Fisheries Science Museum has all about sea creatures that are well organized for keen visitors. It is also equipped with a trial fishing site where visitors can catch fish by hands, and a view point over the southern sea. On the way up to the Hyangiram Hermitage, when you bend down to pass through the natural stone Iljumun Gate and enter the narrow passageway, you can finally get to the Hyangiram Hermitage.

맛깔스런 서대회무침

간장게장과 양념게장

바다를 바라보는 풍경이 아름다운 향일암

Hyangiram Hermitage, beautifully overlooking the sea, is full of amazing and extraordinary scenery including a rock with its back cracked like a turtle. It is a place of beautiful sunset and sunrise and it has a forest of old camellia trees.

Yeosu Fish Market is where you can get local specialties of Yeosu including fresh live fish, dried fish and Dolsan leaf mustard kimchi.

수산시장의 수족관

시장 진열대의 반건조생선들

상인들과 손님들의 모습이 담긴 수산시장 골목

Visitor Information

  • The Maritime & Fisheries Science Museum is closed on every Monday and will not be included in the course.
  • Information & Reservation Inquiries : Dongseo Tourism Co., Ltd. 82-61-692-0900
  • To ensure availability, please make a reservation in advance.
  • All visitors are advised to get traveller's insurance at their expense. Visitors shall be fully liable for any damage from being uninsured.
  • Course 1 is closed on the second Monday of each month.
  • A sign language interpretor may be allocated for hearing-impaired persons. (Please contact us after making reservation.)(☎ 82-61-659-3872)


Yeosu Expo Station-hyangiram Itinerary
Travelling hours Time taken (minutes) Place & schedule Remarks
10:30 Yeosu Expo Station Departure
10:30~10:40 10 Yeosu Expo Station→ Move to odongdo Island
10:40~11:40 60 Sightseeing to odongdo Island
11:40~11:50 10 odongdo Island → Move to jinnamgwan
11:50~13:20 90 Sightseeing to jinnamgwan and lunch time
13:20~13:40 20 Yi Sun-sin Square→Maritime & Fisheries Science Museum
13:40~14:10 30 Sightseeing to Maritime & Fisheries Science Museum admission fees KRW 3,000
14:10~14:35 25 Maritime & Fisheries Science Museum→Move to hyangiram
14:35~15:50 75 Sightseeing to hyangiram admission fees KRW 2,000
15:50~16:30 40 hyangiram→Move to yeosu Fish Market
16:30~17:10 40 Sightseeing to yeosu Fish Market
17:10~17:20 10 yeosu Fish Market→Yeosu Expo Station Move to next destination

※ Travelling hours are subject to change depending on traffic conditions.

※ Detailed itinerary is subject to change depending on circumstances.


General fares KRW 9,000 Concession fares KRW 4,500
  • Concession Subjects: Elementary, middle and high school students, seniors aged over 65, handicapped people (Concessions for people with class 1 injury or classes 1 - 3 handicap may include up to 1 accompanying caretaker)
  • Please produce evidential document (e.g. ID card) for concession.
  • Double concessions are not available.
  • Free admission to children under school age
  • The fares exclude lunch, and admissions to tourist destinations.
  • Internet reservations prevail. In case of vacancy in seats, cash transactions are available on site. (Credit cards unacceptable, cash receipts issued)

※ Information & Reservation Inquiries : Dongseo Tourism Co., Ltd. 82-61-692-0900, 0903

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