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Jeoneo-hoe (Sliced Raw gizzard shad)/grill that can even have the runaway daughter-in-law return home

The tasty and clean flavor is first class!

There is a saying that even a runaway daughter-in-law would return home from the smell of gizzard grill.
Gizzard (Jeoneo) was called so because people do not consider the price of it when eating it, and it is another specialty of Yeosu’s clean littoral seas.

The tasty fall gizzard that calls even a runaway daughter-in-law back

Gizzards lay eggs till July. Gizzards are not tasty during this period. However, by mid-August, the fine bones of gizzards become thinner and it gains weight. By then, the tastiness of gizzards reaches its peak. When it becomes gizzard season, there are only people who seek for gizzards all over the fish market. The ladies of the fish market separate the bones and flesh of gizzards in a flash and make sashimi. Put one piece of this in your mouth and it would disappear in a flash. People who aren’t familiar with jeoneo-hoe (sliced raw gizzard shad) can try spicy raw fish salad. Gizzard spicy raw fish salad disappears in a flash when eaten with red chili-pepper paste with vinegar, various vegetables, white rice, and laver flakes, and a bit of sesame oil. Add gizzard grill that had coarse salt sprinkled over it, and it is a delicacy not like any other. Gizzard is a fish that can be eaten from head to tail, just leaving the bones at the middle, so with the visual that seems like it came out of a comic book you can make fun memories with people nearby.

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초고추장과 갖은 채소를 곁들여 버무린 전어회무침

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