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Yeosu Hanjeongsik, with Yeosu seas in one mouthful

Various foods made with fresh seafood as the main ingredients

40 or so various foods made with fresh seafood of the clean, southern seas!
You would be surprised at the beautiful taste, freshness, and the various number of seafood
You can feel the freshness and generosity of Yeosu’s coastal seas and the sincere feelings of Yeosu from the table full of dishes

It is a table full of Yeosu’s characteristic seas!

One thing that can never be left out while a visiting to Yeosu is hanjeongsik which can be thought of as an icon that shows the identity of Yeosu. Unlike the common hanjeongsik of food coming from the land, the sea and the sky,Yeosu‘s hanjeongsik is unique in that it is made of food that comes from the sea of Yeosu. Using fresh seafood of uncontaminated sea as main ingredients, 40 different dishes compose the hanjeongsik. Tourists in Yeosu are astounded by the number of dishes of hanjeongsik, its taste and its cheap price all of which is why hanjeongsik is a representative food of generous Yeosu.

Hanjeongsik is a dish altered from traditional dish of our ancestors to make it suitable for people of today, composed of appetizers, main dish mostly being grains and desert. Different regions use different ingredients, ways of cooking and seasonings, which are passed down and developed in following generations.

여수한정식중 해물한정식이 상에 잘 놓여있는 모습



Surprised at the wonderful taste, the number of the foods served, and the cheap price

Hanjeongsik is composed of rice, gook(soup), kimchi, jjigae(stew), soy sauce, red chilli pepper paste with vinegar, saengchae(salad), sookchae(cooked salad), grilled food, food boiled in soy sauce, jeon(pancake), berries, dried dish, jeotgal, sashimi, pyeonyuk(slices of boiled meat) all cooked in different ways, yet their nutrition, taste, color and temperature all creating a harmony as a whole.

Above traditional hanjeongsik, Yeosu‘s seafood hanjeongsik, preserving the regional identity, is the best. A well prepared seafood hanjeongsik is not only pleasing to one's mouth but also one's eyes. 40 different dishes using seafood as main ingredient comes out in three or four segments as if it is a feast.

Starting with abalone porridge, gatkimchi(mustard leave kimchi), laver, lettuce salad, and cold food are served first. Along with perch sashimi, pen shell, sea cucumber, sea squirt, oyster, conch, butterfish, octopus, salmon salad, blowfish come in filling up the entire table. From then it is a matter of time to be shocked by the number of dishes and their incredible taste. Hot food come afterwards including grilled clam, kungpao mushroom, ddukgalbi with seafood and shiitake mushroom, small octopus, mussel, fish cutlet, grilled abalone, fries, fish, soup along with rice cooked in bamboo shell.

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