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Gaet-jangeo Hoe (Sliced Raw Sea Eel) and Shabu-shabu are both delicious and healthy!

It is a popular health food of the summertime!

Tender gaet-jangeo hoe (Sliced Raw fish) and gaet-jangeo shabu shabu,
which is a dish that dips the hoe (Sliced Raw fish) into boiling water, are the best health food during summertime

It is a well-being food that is rich in protein and has little fat content

Due to its high level of protein, it can be enjoyed by people old and young, men and women and is especially good for recovering lost energy. Gaet-jangeo has unique flavor for its rich level of glutamic acid, a protein compound, and is good for recovering energy and avoiding blood clot. Although Gaet-jangeo has a lot of fine bones, after experts have had their touch, the bones become tender enough to eat the entire fish.

There are two types of gaet-jangeo: cham-jangeo and bung-jangeo. The gaet-jangeo that is made into shabu-shabu and eaten, in other words ‘hamo’, is cham-jangeo. As it has accumulated enough nutrients from mid-April to late October in the clean southern seas, it is at its most delicious. Because of its high protein content, it is cooked into various foods such as shabu-shabu, salt grill, soybean paste grill, cold raw fish soup, and gochujang flavored roast. It has little fat content and rich protein content compared to freshwater eel, so it is popular as diet food and health food. Gaet-jangeo has to pass through a professional’s hands before being eaten, as it has lots of small bones. You would immediately regain vigor if you eat gaet-jangeo, boiled in eel bone broth, on top of fresh onion. Gaet-jangeo soybean paste grill is also a delicacy among delicacies. It boasts a special deep taste that is enough to turn someone who dislikes eel into an eel mania.

Gaet-jangeo has various names.

Gaet-jangeo is recorded as 'haeman" in 'Donguibogam' and 'gyunahryuh' in 'Jasanuhbo'. Because of its habit of bigin a lot, it is called hamo in Japan.Its appearance is similar to that of eel but is tender and has more fine bones. Gaet-jangeo is called cham-jangeo in Jeolla Province and baem-jangeo in Gyungsang Province. Gaet-jangeo is caught with reel with multiple hooks from May to November. The best way of having Gaet-jangeo is having it as hoe (Sliced Raw fish). By slicing cuts into the fish and eating it with doenjang or mustard, the flavor is accentuated. The more you chew into Gaet-jangeo hoe (Sliced Raw fish), the true taste comes out.

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