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Jangeo gui that is both good for the body and clean in taste

Yeosu’s special four-season food, cooked eel

It is said that one eel is better than ten medicines
As it is a repository of vitamin A, it prevents aging and artery hardening, and it is also good for improving weak health
There are two kinds of jangeo gui, invigorating the eaters with an alive taste, salt grill and flavored grill, and it is chewy and delicious no matter how it is eaten, so it captures the hearts of everyone

Eel that is both delicious and rich in nutrients

jangeo Gui and jangeo Tang are representative delicacies of Yeosu. Although eel has many different names, Yeosu‘s eel is famous as either sashimi or roast.. 'Ja San Uh Bo' describes eel as ‘big-eyed, has color of muk(jellied food), and tastes good'. There are two different kinds of jangeo gui, salted one and one with seasoning. There is a saying that says jangeo gui during summer cannot be replaced by dog suop, which means jangeo gui is excellent in keeping one's skin soft and avoid aging. jangeo gui is also good for people with osteroporosis. Especially eating eel, which has a lot of protein and unsaturated fatty acid, adding ginger will reduce the greasiness of eel and help digest the eel.

Pike eel is fish caught from middle of April to end of October along uncontaminated seas of south sea, and is similar to snake on land in that when the water temperature goes down, it goes deep into mud flat or into the sea to hibernate. jangeo amplifies the unique taste eel has and is eaten as health food during summertime. Eel has abundance of vitamin A, B, and C being good for women's skin care, fatigue recovery, prevents aging, and stamina. Especially eel contains a lot of EPA and DHA, effective in lowering level of cholesterol, helping avoid adult diseases and also carries a lot of calcium.

양념한 장어를 구워 접시에 가지런히 잘 놓여있는 모습

소금구이 한 장어를 접시에 가지런히 잘 놓여있는 모습


It is chewy and delicious no matter how it is eaten.

Eel restaurant in Yeosu serves eel during all for seasons. Each restaurant has their unique way of cooking and unique taste.

Uhguhji jangeo tang has clean and aromatic flavor as powdered sesame removes the fishy smell eel has. Uhguhji jangeo tang is cooked with well dried radish leaves, having unique taste that cannot be found in other regions, and having great texture. Dried radish leaves contain high level of dietary fiber, being effective in avoiding adult diseases.

The chewy yet tender and white eel is one of Yeosu‘s specialties.Salted jangeo gui amplifies the unique flavor and texture of eel, while seasoned jangeo gui adds ripe seasoning while roasting the eel, adding to the great taste eel has,not being anyway short of perfection.

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