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It is an island that is a paradise for rare birds and plants, the embodiment of nature itself.

Geomundo Island and Baekdo Island are
beautiful islands of the southern seas.

Geomundo Island has lighted the seas for the first time in the southern seas,
and Baekdo Island is called Haegeumgang Island of the southern seas.

Geomundo Baekdo district, together with history of over 100 years, boasts Geomundo Lighthouse,
that has lighted the seas of the southern seas for the first time, passageway to Noksan Lighthouse, Geomundo camellia forest,
and rocks of fantastic shape of Baekdo, called Haegeumgang Island of the southern seas, and the view of the heavens.

Follow the waterway to 300-ri Archipelago Marine National Park Geomundo Island and Baekdo Island. Geomundo Island, with exotic fantasy, represents ordeals of the powers, and Baekdo Island, with its natural mysterious land, is still a belonging of the heavens. If Geomundo Island, where relationships of world powers, such as England, Russia, America, and Japan, has been reversed, is a history made by human understandings, Baekdo Island, where it is said that the son of the Heavens descended and didn't return, is a legendary unofficial history made by fantastic 39 rocks.

The island which is like a big door, Geomundo

Commonly, Geomundo Island was thought to be an island of geomun, in other words 'an island that is like a big door'. It is true. Because of its geographical location, Geomundo Island was the center of East Asia sea route since ancient times. Also, for the same reason, it has received ordeals between modern western powers. Thus, the name 'geomun' seems more suitable than any other. Despite that, it is more persuasive to say that the name 'Geomundo' has come from a group of people. 'Geomundo', in other words, means 'island of great scholars'. This is very exceptional as most of the names for places have originated from its geography or nature. Then why did it earn such a name? It is because Geomundo Island was a place of active interchange of culture from the sea route since the olden days. That too, has become a base for the development of many great people despite being a small island at the edge of Namdo.

In Geomundo Island of the late 19th century, there already were billiard halls, electric lights, telephones, and other waves of modernization that was difficult to see even in the mainland. Also, in 1905, early 20th century, 'Nagyeong Academy', a modern school, was established: Geomundo Island's culture absorption was fast and omnidirectional to that extent. That was what developed great people, and thus earned the island the glorious name of 'Geomun'. The reason why Geomundo was able to survive between western powers and how it was able to pursue Donghak Movement and fierce anti-Japanese movements was probably because such capable people were guarding this island.

거문도 전경

멀리서 바라본 거문도

The report of natural habitat, Baekdo Island.

Baekdo Island was designated as Scenic Spot number 7 in December, 1979. It is formed of 39 uninhabited archipelagosand is designated as Sangbaekdo and Habaekdo Islands. It takes about 40 minutes to circuit the island when riding the ferry that departs from GeomundoIsland, but you cannot get off at the island. Thus, natural rare birds and plants have been preserved well. Along with black wood pigeons, natural monument number 15, 30 or so kinds of rare birds such as fairy pitts, cormorants, and bush warblers reside here. There are 353 subtropical plants, such as sickle neofinetia, seok-gok, dwarf junipers, silver magnolias, and camellias, and 70 or so marine plants such as large red corals, small corals, and sponges: It is a report of natural habitat.

백도 전경

백도의 바다속 해양식물들과 물고기들이 한데 어우러져있다

멀리서 본 백도의 전경

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