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Sweet and salty, you will finish off a bowl of rice in no time at all


The tastes of the spicy marinated crab, with its spicy and sweet taste, the soy sauce marinated crab with its interesting taste that is neither salty nor sweet, and the soybean paste marinated crab, with its pleasing taste, please the palates.You can enjoy the true taste of Yeosu marinated crabs
through spicy marinated crab, interesting soy sauce marinated crab, and pleasing soybean paste marinated crab.

Yeosu marinated crab with its various and deep tastes

When taking a walk around Yeosu, one of the signs that stand out are signs of 'Gejang Baekban'. If you assume Yeosu‘s gejang won't be much different from the gejangs you've had, you're sorely mistaken. This is because Yeosu’s gejang has deep taste, not being too sweet or too salty. The reason gejang often is called as 'rice thief' is because one eats more rice while sinked in the deep taste of gejang and when eating rice along with eggs and flesh corners of each crab, one cannot bear but eat more rice than one usually does.

Common blue crab gejang is a jeotgal(fermented seafood) unique to Korea, made with cleanly trimmed blue crab with cooled down seasoning soy sauce. 'Dolgejang Baekban' is gejang made of rock crab seasoned in various seasonings, including gochujang(red pepper paste), soy sauce, doenjang(soy paste), and chilgejang, gejang made by grinding the crab. Rock crab has color similar to its surrounding rocks and its firm flesh results in great texture while eating the gejang. Unlike common blue crabs, it has very hard shells but these shells are broken down before being served to make it more convenient to eat the crabs.

간장게장을 먹기좋게 손질되어있는 모습

간장게장,양념게장이 한상에 여러반찬들과 잘 어울러져있는 모습

양념게장이 그릇에 담겨져있는 모습

Blue crab, introduced in Donguibogam as crab that cools down head in one's body, is a most commonly used crab for eating, and female blue crab during september, and male blue crab during October are believed to be the most delicious ones. gejang has a nickname of 'rice thief' because of its deliciousness. Crab contains low level of fat, however contains high level of protein, resulting in good digestibility and clean taste. Because crab contains a lot of necessary amino acids, it is a especially nutritious food good for children, recovering patients, weak people and seniors or for people going on a diet.

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