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Bonghwasan Forest Park Cheheomgil, where the forest exists inside the city

Deep forest for reenergizing, and an escape to the cozy valley

Daily routine is full of repeating and competition, so everyone longs for freedom where they have nothing to do
Walk along the forest slowly; take a comfortable nap in the forest; the recharging of life can be done in half a day here
It is a waterworks retention area, so the forest is preserved and it has also won the national competition awarding the most beautiful forest

Bonghwasan Forest Park, as the first forest park in Yeosu, attracts visitors’ footsteps as years pass by. The tracking paths are well maintained, and it is, in general, a very gentle path. If you head straight at the first forked road toward Mipyeong Amusement Park, then it is a branch ridge way toward Bonghwasan Mountain. If you head right, you can stroll along the Bonghwasan Forest Park, and come up to the summit of Bonghwasan Mountain again. From the summit of Bonghwadae, if you head to the branch ridge way for about 40 minutes toward Ocheon catchment area, then you would arrive at Ocheon catchment area three way intersection Buamsan Mountain entrance. Go uphill on the Buamsan Mountain ridge, and then go down toward Sindeokje, Sindeok Village.

The most popular course is the 3-4 hour, 8.9km section starting from Mipeong Bonghwasan Forest Park Cheheomgil → Forest Park → Bonghwasan Mountain → Buamsan Mountian → and ending in Sindeokje. Also, depending on the starting point and distance, there is also course A of Dundeok Three way intersection → Dundeokgogae → Pyeonbaengnamu Deulmeori → Bonghwasan Mountain, course B of Sindeok → Three-way intersection → Sindeok Intersection → Ocheondong Three-way intersection → Homyeonggogae → Bonghwasan Mountain, and course C of Homyeong village → Gitdaebong → Bonghwasan Mountain.

잘 정비된 등산로에서 바라본 수원지 전경

봉화산 산림욕장 전경

Bonghwasan Forest Park is located in the edge of Yeosu city. It is only 1.5km away from Yeosu World Exhibition Venue. It has well preserved vegetation, enough to get ‘seemliness award’ from the Korean beautiful forest competition of 2011. It is a fortune to have such a robust forest near the city, when one needs a moment of rest from the daily life full of stress and tiredness. Bonghwasan Mountain, only 422m high, is called Bonghwasan because there was a beacon fire station of Chosun Dynasty on the summit, and it was able to have the beautiful forest of the present because in 1930’s, as the catchment areas were being created, the nearby mountains were turned into waterworks retention area and had limited access of ordinary citizens. After the creation of Juam Dam, from 2005, this place was turned into a forest park, so Bonghwasan Mountain was able to turn into a beautiful resting area, embracing a large lake, that receives citizens’ love.

울창한 숲에서 올려다본 하늘

도심 가까이의 울창한 숲길

잘 정돈된 숲길

If you head toward Manseongni Black Sand Beach direction at the three way intersection in front of Mipyeong-dong Chungmugo for 300m, then you will see Yeosu Welfare Center for the Disabled on your left. Walk about 3 minutes or so following the ‘Mipyeong Bonghwasan Forest Park’ sign on the left side of the welfare center and you will arrive at the forest park. It is a completely different world of green, with completely different air and temperature. Following the trailing deck, wild flowers such as silver leaves, big blue lilyturfs, day lilies, magic lilies, and spearflowers greet the visitors in neat shape. In the inner forest classes that have formed near the catchment area, there are resting areas such as low wooden benches and square pavilions that help with the visitors’ rest. There are also adventure facilities that children would like, such as stepping stones and climbing wooden walls, and as there are direction boards everywhere that help with environment/nature education, it is suitable as an educational site as well. It is good to circuit the catchment area if you want to stroll a little in the forest, or are with a child who does not like walking, but if you truly want to enjoy the rest and peace the forest gives, then slowly strolling to Palgakjeong is a good idea.

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