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Yeosu World Exhibition Venue is full of excitement throughout the day

Endless sea and performance events

Yeosu World Exhibition Venue, that has moved the people of the whole world, has exciting exhibition facilities, such as Big O show, a splendid show that is not like any other in this world, Sky Tower, and Aqua Planet, that is on throughout the day, and it also has a dynamic marine leports program. It is full of people strolling through the waterside park that is adjacent to the sea.

Yeosu World Exhibition Venue provides fun and many various things to see

Various marine leports and things to see

2012 Yeosu World Exhibition Venue! Full of 8.2 million tourists bustling around, with performances and events together with endless seas and sound of cool waves…
Yeosu World Exhibition Venue that has heated up the summer of 2012! Exhibition Venue that was together with families and lovers has reopened as marine leisure tourism spot.

You can walk along the waterside park that is adjacent to the seas, enjoy not only the one and only multimedia show Big O, but also various dynamic marine leports programs, and also stay for lodging at a guesthouse that is as comfortable as one’s own home at Yeosu World Exhibition Venue full of fun throughout the day.

Yeosu World Exhibition Venue that has touched the people of the whole world, is full of fun exhibition facilities, that not only includes the one and only splendid Big O Show, but also others like Sky Tower and Aqua Planet, dynamic marine leports program, and people who are walking along the waterside park that is adjacent to the seas.

First, the sky tower observatory, where you can see the Expo venue at a sight at a thrilling height of 67m, has recreated the abolished cement silo into a world’s biggest pipe organ, so it harmonizes along with Yeosu’s winds from the sea and plays beautiful music in a boat horn sound. At night, various colored lights light the beautiful Yeosu night seas. The cool and thrilling Extreme Sports Sky Fly, relying on a rope, cuts through the seas in between Jujegwan and Aqua Planet and flies above the sea like it is gliding over, which gives a thrilling experience. Also, you can enjoy kayak at the sea and other dynamic marine leisure sports, such as water bike, for free. Also, there is Marine Eco Center where you can meet various marine creatures from all over the world! It is a place full of events by 280 or so species of various marine creatures, such as Beluga (white whale) and Baikal seal. Big O, a landmark of Yeosu along with the aquarium, and a trademark of Yeosu World Exhibition Venue, is armed with the bliss and luxury of Yeosu’s night seas. During Yeosu World Exhibition Venue, it has received ‘2-12 Show of the Year’ from THEA Awards, an award that boasts world-class authority. This new media show has the world’s greatest water screen, colorful fountain shows, and is armed with fog, fire, laser, and lights to please the five senses.

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