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The taste of tradition that uses makgeolli vinegar, seasoned seodaehoe

The deep taste that comes from using makgeolli vinegar that has been fermented for over a year

Vinegar and red chili-pepper paste with vinegar that has been fermented with makgeolli, and harmony with various vegetables
Seasoned Seodaehoe is soft while sweet and sour
You can feel the true taste of Seodaehoe when eaten together with hot rice

It is the representative food of Yeosu, with its sweet and sour tastes

uses natural vinegar made of rice wine (makgeoli) that has been fermented for at least a year, resulting in better smell and clean taste. Seodaehoemuchim, with the sour flavor of rice wine vinegar, is one of the most representative foods of not only Yeosu, but a famous dish among gourmets Seodahoemuchim uses natural vinegar made of makgeoli that has been fermented for over a year, resulting in less fishy smell and clean taste. Seodaehoemuchim, mixed with the sour flavor of makgeoli vinegar, is one of the most famous delicacies not only in Yeosu but is a renowned dish among gourmets all around the country. Since long time ago, our ancestors used makgeoli vinegar to add sour flavor in their food the reason Yeosu‘s Seodaehoemuchim has a special taste is in reproducing the traditional taste that has been passed down from our ancestors.

Most citizens of Yeosu pay most explicit courtesy when treating their guests with seodaehoe. This is because this dish is an exquisite delicacy with deep and rich taste. Seodae can be cooked in many ways including mulhoe(sashimi in spicy sauce), hoemuchim, steaming, boiling in soy sauce, frying, and maeuntang. But above all these ways of having seodae, seodaehoemuchim brings out the best in seodae. It is astounding how such a flat and dull looking fish makes the fresh taste. Gourmets would find it interesting to see the actual fish they only knew as hoemuchim.

조리한 서대회무침

서대회무침을 상추에 놓여져있는 모습


It is usually caught in the clean seas of Yeosu, of the Southern seas.

Seodae belongs to pleuronectiformes cynoglossidae, living along the sandy mudflat 70m below surface and one of the specialties of southwest seas surrounding Yeosu. It is flat with its color resembling the sand that surrounds the fish. The book, Ja San Uh Bo, describes this fish as, 'Called Jangjub, with long and flat body with strong taste. Its shape resembles the bottom of leather shoes and also called as hyedaeuh'. Its deliciousness can be seen in a saying that says, 'even the mudflat that seodae lays on is delicious'. It is tender suitable for even seniors and children. Also, it contains high level of calcium and iron providing function of avoiding osteoporosis, and hematogenesis and also helps avoid thrombus, cardiac infarction, and improves brain functions.

Seodae is caught in Yeosu‘s Yeojaman harbor and Butdol coast, uncontaminated areas of south sea mainly using gill net. Seodaehoemuchim, seasoned with various dressings, is great for bringing back one's lost appetite and historically was served to kings.Nowadays, genuine seodaehoemuchim can be found in coasts of Yeosu, Marine product market of Namsandong, Pungmul market, and restaurants of Gukdong and Yeosuhdong. Yeosu’s seodaehoe is a way of eating seodae, a fish that can be found in other places, with more deep and flourishing taste.

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