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Spicy yet clean in flavor, braised cutlassfish

It is a delicacy among delicacies, with great taste and nutrients

Yeosu ‘black cutlassfish’, found in the littoral seas of Geomundo, is both superb in taste and nutrients so it is considered a delicacy among delicacies
Braised cutlassfish or grilled cutlassfish, where cutlassfish of the fall is most suitable, not only helps with accelerating digestion, improvement of appetite, and prevention of adult diseases, but also is a suitable food for a growing child’s development, as it has various essential amino acids

The silver cutlassfish often caught in the littoral seas of Geomundo

Geomundo silver cutlassfish is a type of fish caught in Yeosu’s littoral seas. It lives in warm seas, lives under 5-140m from the surface, and is usually caught with a reel and line with multiple hooks or fishing. Geomundo Island’s cutlassfish is especially superb and famous in its quality, enough to host Geomundo Baekdo Silver Cutlassfish Sea Festival. Cutlassfish is usually caught in Jeju, southern seas, and western seas. In cold winter, it is usually caught in warm Jeju, but when it gets warmer they come up to the north. From July to November is the highlight of cutlassfish catching season in Yeosu. When it becomes cutlassfish season, you can see throughout Yeosu fishermen who are catching cutlassfish from point to point. It is because you don’t have to go far to catch silver cutlassfish easily. Cutlassfish eaten during summer and fall is especially delicious and fatty. That is why Yeosu is famous for cutlassfish.

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Various cutlassfish dishes

You can taste cutlassfish through various dishes, such as grilled cutlassfish, braised cutlassfish, and cutlassfish sashimi.
Braised cutlassfish, one of the ten tastes of Yeosu, especially is a delicacy. It is cooked by having white radish on the bottom of the pot, place cutlassfish on top, and placing spicy sauce that is flavored with various ingredients. It is sweet and spicy so you will finish a bowl of rice in no time at all!

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