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The first sea-traversing sea cable car in Korea

Endless seas

It is the first sea cable car in Korea that connects the 1.5km between Yeosu Dolsan and Jasan Park. There are 10 cabins, with a see-through crystal floor (for up to 5 people), and 40 regular cabins (for up to 8 people), with a total of 50 cabins. The open views of the archipelago, centering the Exhibition Venue and Odongdo Island, and Yeosu’s nightscape of seas is beautiful.

It is the first sea cable car that connects the island and the mainland over the seas.

Beauty from the scenery of setting sun in Yeosu’s sea at night

Yeosu Sea Cable Car passes beside Geobukseon Bridge and, unlike the coastal seas seen from the ground, you can see for yourself the commonly air photographed beautiful scenery. There are three points in tourism using cable cars. At daytime, you can watch the beautiful seas shining from the sun, and the crystal cabin gives a thrilling experience of feeling as if you are walking over the sea. At sunset, Yeosu’s seas become an even more beautiful color. The sunset of Yeosu watched from the cable car will surely, from its ecstacy, become a beautiful memory that is impossible to forget. Yeosu’s different beauty shows up when the sun sets. The beautiful lights of the night seas from Dolsandaegyo Bridge, Geobukseon Bridge, Janggundo Island, and Ocean Park harmonizes with each other, so it makes one feel as if they are a part of the beautiful lights.

케이블카를 타기 전 사람들이 전경을 보는 모습

여수케이블카 전경

케이블카 안에서 바라보는 여수전경

거북선대교의 야경

It is the 4th sea cable car in Asia, followed by Hong Kong, Singapore, and Vietnam. Now, you can enjoy the thrill from the cutting winds and feel the seas and the sky with your whole body in the Yeosu Sea Cable Car.

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