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시티투어 버스의 옆모습

시티투어 버스 정류장에 서있는 시티투어 버스

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Information & Reservation Inquiries : Dongseo Tourism Co., Ltd. 82-61-692-0900, 0903

Course information

진남관 우측전경



Ungcheon Waterfront Park is an artificial beach with a camping site. Next to the beach are free water sports programs that run in the summer season.

The house of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin's Mother has housed Yi Sun-Shin's mother and his wife whose maiden name was Bang for 5 years in 1593 - 1597 during the Japanese invasion to Korea in 1592. Visitors can discover Yi Shun-Shin's devotion to his family by taking parts in the foot-washing ceremony and writing filial letters to parents.

Jinnam Market is a traditional market in Yeocheon that sells various local specialties of Yeosu such as dried fish and leaf mustard kimchi as well as diverse cuisines. Passengers of the Romantic Bus can spend lunch time here for a little shopping experience too. Gasari Ecological Park is where you can appreciate islands on the archipelago floating on the horizontal indigo sea set in the tranquil fishing village. With broad reed beds the an observatory deck, this place offers a fantastic views of the sunset. Visitors are also welcome to ride bicycles rented from the Gasari Ecological Education Hall in the area.

Seomdalcheon is a tideland and a home for dozens of species of natural creatures and microorganisms. The view of the tideland in the clean waters of Yeojaman Bay stretches 4km along the coastal road.

Cockles from Yeojaman Bay take about 60% of the total cockle production in Korea and boast rich and juicy flesh. If the time is right for the high tide, passengers of the Romantic Bus can enter the tideland. The Sundown of Yeojaman Bay is especially beautiful and will captivate the hearts of visitors for another charm of the night sea of Yeosu.

진남관 우측전경



Visitor Information

  • The 2course runs from Sunday to Friday
  • Information & Reservation Inquiries : Dongseo Tourism Co., Ltd. 82-61-692-0900
  • To ensure availability, please make a reservation in advance.
  • All visitors are advised to get traveller's insurance at their expense. Visitors shall be fully liable for any damage from being uninsured.
  • Course 2 is closed on the fourth Monday of every month, every Sunday.
  • A sign language interpretor may be allocated for hearing-impaired persons. (Please contact us after making reservation.)(☎ 82-61-659-3872)


Course 2 Itinerary
Travelling hours Time taken (minutes) Meeting point & tourist destinations Tour contents
10:30 Departure from Yeosu Expo Station
10:30~11:00 30 Yeosu Expo Station→Move to Yeulmaru
11:00~11:50 50 Yeulmaru, Yi Sun-Shin Marina Strolling
11:50~11:55 5 Yi Sun-Shin Marina→House of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin's Mother a walk
11:55~12:45 50 House of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin's Mother To write a letter to parents
12:45~12:55 10 House of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin's Mother→Jinnam Market
12:55~13:55 60 Jinnam Market Lunch time and Shopping
13:55~14:05 10 Jinnam Market → Move to Soho Dong Dong Bridge
14:05~14:35 30 Soho Dong Dong Bridge Soho Dong Dong Bridge Strolling
14:35~14:55 20 Soho Dong Dong Bridge → Gasari Ecological Park
14:55~15:50 55 Gasari Ecological Park (Riding Bicycle or Strolling) [Bicycle rent] 30minutes KRW1,000
15:50~16:00 10 Gasari Ecological Park → Move to Semdalcheon
16:00~16:20 20 Semdalcheon Photo Zone
16:20~16:30 10 Semdalcheon → Move to Yeojaman Bay Sundown
16:30~17:10 30 Yeojaman Bay Sundown Observing Sundown
17:10~17:40 30 Yeojaman Bay Sundown → Move to Yeosu Expo Station
17:40 Yeosu Expo Station arrival

※ Travelling hours are subject to change depending on traffic conditions.

※ Detailed itinerary is subject to change depending on circumstances.


General fares KRW 9,000 Concession fares KRW 4,500
  • Concession Subjects: Elementary, middle and high school students, seniors aged over 65, handicapped people (Concessions for people with class 1 injury or classes 1 - 3 handicap may include up to 1 accompanying caretaker)
  • Please produce evidential document (e.g. ID card) for concession.
  • Double concessions are not available.
  • Free admission to children under school age
  • The fares exclude lunch, and admissions to tourist destinations.
  • Internet reservations prevail. In case of vacancy in seats, cash transactions are available on site. (Credit cards unacceptable, cash receipts issued)

※ Information & Reservation Inquiries : Dongseo Tourism Co., Ltd. 82-61-692-0900, 0903

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