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Embrace Yeosu, Goraksan Mountain Course

Nature and physical training facilities-Goraksan Mountain is
the historic center of the ancient culture of Yeosu peninsula.

The name Goraksan probably came from the sound of drums related to Goraksanseong Mountain Fortress.
Goraksan Mountain is a triangular figure, standing between Munsu-dong, Dundeok-dong, and Sijeon-dong, and there are many places that form rock layer upon layer.
There are the ruins of a castle that was made to protect the Jeolla Jwasuyeong headquarters during the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592.

We are supposed to start the mountain hiking early in the morning. But looking at the map I changed my mind that have some time to spare. Later I could just relax and walk slowly as if I was going up the familar small hill. I have never been to this mountain, I felt the familarity as if I've been here before.It was like I already had been to the top and heard the echo.
The hiking trail stars from the downtown of the city.
It's marvelous, but it just make my tension relaxed with the fact that I can go up to the mountain anytime I want.Goraksan Mountain gained its name after the drum sound of Goraksanseong Fortress.
It's a towering mountain between Munsu-dong, Dundeok-dong, and Sijeon-dong with piles of rocks. There you can find the site of the fortress on the two peaks of the mountain for defense. You can see the traces of the fortress on the top of the mountain.
Dulegil road is a cozy trail.his road can be compared with the Olegil road in Jeju Island.
The trail is beloved by the people living in Yeosu for the relaxation as the residence area and apartments have been built along the road.

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고락산코스길을 오르는 등산객

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Course Guide

The dulle-gil that circuits Goraksan Mountain is: Yeosu MBC→ Eumsudae (Buyeong9cha)→ Gukgungjang(Mangma stadium)→ Singijugong3cha Apartment→ Physical training facilities(Hallyeo Apartment)→ Eumsudae(Dundeokjugong Apartment)→ Yeosu MBC It is a 6.7km course and takes about 2 hours. It is the same in reverse as well. Course A is a course from Yeosu MBC→ Goraksan Mountain Summit →to Pavillion and it is a 1.3km course that takes 30 minutes. Course B is a course from Buyeong9cha Apartment→ Goraksan Mountain SUmmit→ to Pavillion and it is a 0.9km course that takes 20 minutes.
Course C is a course from Mangma Stadium→ Grass Plaza→ Grass fields of the physical training facilities→ Eumsudae → Pavillion→to Goraksan Mountain summit and it is a 2.1km course that takes 50 minutes. And Course D is from Jungang Heights Apartment side, with Hallyeo Apartment and physical training facilities, to mineral spring→ Pavilion→ to Goraksan Mountain summit and it is a 1.2km course that takes 30 minutes. This course has a retinispora forest so it is a good place to enjoy phytoncide forest trailing.

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