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It is a place of the charm of exquisite views and delicacies!

Feel the longing and nature's purity, and thankfulness for yourself.

거문도백도 은빛바다축제 - 거문도 뱃노래 모습이다.

Sea gulls are fluttering and ships are carrying people. The scenery is like a beautiful watercolor painting. Geomundo Island and Baekdo Island which are the islands two hours away by ships from the Yeosu harbor, are welcoming the visitors with the colorful views.
The visitors of Geomundo Island usually visit Baekdo Island, too.

거문도갈치 시식행사 모습

거문도 술비를 하고있는 모습

Geomundo and Baekdo Island are like twins. The beautiful views are alike, and the blue of the open seas are just like identical twins. There is a lighthouse that is almost 100 years old, and the cemetery of the English in Geomundo Island. Throughout the island camellia trees are everywhere. The two islands open their arms as if to roundly embrace when the storm comes in. As the seas are always calm, it was a port of the heavens that the powers, such as Russia, England, America, and Japan, wanted to have. The way to the lighthouse is a camellia road. The reason why Geomundo Island is called a Camellia Island is because of this road. 70% of the trees growing in this island are camellia trees. The name Geomundo Island was made in the late Chosun Dynasty. Geomundo means great in studies. When the navy fleet admiral Jeong Yeo-chang of Chinese Qing Dynasty visited to protest occupation of Geomundo Island by the English, he was astonished by the high academic level of Geomundo Island’s people, so he named it ‘Geomun’. Baekdo Island is 20 minutes away from Geomundo Island by ship. It is National Scenic Spot number 7. As the island is one lacking from 100, it is said that it is called Baekdo(白島), one stroke (一) away from 100(百). In reality, there are only 39 stone islands. There is a legend that the son of the Great Jade Emperor fell in love with the daughter of the Dragon King and lived there, and did not return even after sending 100 vassals. Upset, the Great Jade Emperor made both his son and the vassals into stone.

체험하고 있는 모습

은갈치 사진

노래자랑을 하고 있는 모습

Baekdo Island is a ‘Forbidden Island’ that has prevented human approach since 1987 for the purpose of protecting the environment and the ecology. Byeongpungbawi Rock, which looks like a folding screen, Hyeongjebawi Rock, that looks like it’s being scolded, Nojeokseom Island, which looks like piled up grain, and Maebawi Rock that looks as if a hawk is snatching away food… The tall rocks have the dignity like castles floating overseas. As it is said that long time ago, fishermen of Geomundo Island would find their ways back in foggy nights by the scent of sickle neofinetia, it is a place of fragrance just by the stories. Geomundo Island, in the middle of open seas, is an island full of confidence enough to create their own culture and possess it. These cultural things that the Geomundo Island’s people who treasure their own culture have kept safe so far are reflected in the Silver Ocean of Geomundo/Baekdo Island Experience. The Silver Ocean of Geomundo/Baekdo Island Experience is hosted every late August to early September. The main event is the reappearance of "Geomundobaennorae" which is a labor song by Geomundo Island fishermen on ships.

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