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Yeosu Yeojaman Mud Flat Twilight Experience
Event with red sunset is full of life!

‘Yeojaman Bay’was named so because there is an island called Yeojado Island in the middle of the sea,
and it is a big sea that embraces Yeosu, Suncheon, Beolgyo, and Boseong.

여자만갯벌노을축제 - 갯벌 풍경

Yeojaman Bay, located in the west side of Yeosu, is famous for the large mud flat that is located along the stretched coastlines and beautiful sunset. The relaxation and romance of the sea harmonized with the cute café village will be a good gift for one’s significant other.

The Yeojaman Bay Mud Flat Twilight Festival since 2008 is a theme festival of mud flat experience and twilight around the ocean of Sagok-ri Sora-myeon Jeollanam-do. The title of the bay Yeojaman is from the Yeojado Island in the middle of the large sea area between Yeosu, Suncheon, Beolgyo and Boseong. The title of the festival itself is romantic. The twilight from the Yeojaman Bay is fantastic. You can walk or ride a bike along the beach accompanying with the beautiful and romantic views. It is a festival where you can make memories by walking along the seas of the fall season while watching the café villages located nearby the seaside road and beautiful islands, feel the romance by enjoying the red sunset, and experience various seaside experiences together with a lover and family.

가족들이 갯벌에서 놀고 있는 모습

사람들이 노을을 감상하는 모습

This festival, which has locals and tourists harmonize as one for three days during the mid-October, is formed with specialized items, Yeojaman mud flats and sunset, and various experience programs, and thus is receiving great ratings from the tourists. During the festival, including local seafood events such as seafood experience and sales of local specialties and dishes, there are various programs that are held such as Gaemaegi Experience, Manila Clam Digging Experience (Finding the Golden Clam), bamboo periophthalmus fishing, Mud Flat Boat Riding Experience, Barehanded Fish Catching Experience, and Bokgaedo Island Family Love Trailing.

갯벌에서 체험하는 모습

갯벌에서 아이들이 뛰어 놀고 있는 모습

사람들이 갯벌에서 놀고 있는 모습

For unit events there are Noeul Small Concert, acoustic guitar, gukak (Korean classical music), Jazz performance, and other various performances that touch the hearts of tourists in a new way. During the festival, the visitors can take shuttle bust coming back and forth between the City Hall and the festival.In this season of romance, why don't you enjoy walking along the twilight with your loved ones?

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