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The breath of Navy Headquarters of Three Provinces!

The harmony of tradition, present, and the future
It promotes the country-saving spirit and patriotism of Admiral Yi Sun-sin, who has lead the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592 to victory.

거북선축제 - 거북선 퍼레이드

Yeosu Jinnam Geobukseon Festival has reilluminated patriotic spirit and folk culture at Yeosu, the headquarters of Navy Headquarters of Three Provinces (Jeolla Jwasuyeong), and is a marine patriotic culture festival and folk culture festival, in order to enhance the fact that it is a holy land of patriotism. Starting at the eve festival at May 3rd every year after 1967, it is Yeosu’s representative festival that has various activities such as Tongjeyeong street plays, which share the best things to see, and participating experiences.

Yeosu Jinnam Geobukseon Festival has started as Yeosu Jinnam Festival in 1967, and changed its name to Mangma Festival, Geobukseon Great Festival, and Geobukseon Festival and now it is called Jinnam Geobukseon Festival. First, Jinnam Festival first started to console the spirits of Ogwanopo who has never lost during the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592, pay a tribute to their patriotism, and cultivate regionalism to improve regional arts. Jinnam Geobukseon Festival is on every early May, and it is to commemorate the beginning of Battle of Okpo by Admiral Yi Sun-sin. Yeosu Jinnam Geobukseon Festival lasts for 3 days. For three days, various events provide various experiences and things to see. The festival starts by first performing Koyuje ancestral rites in Chungminsa Temple, then paying respects to Admiral Yi Sun-sin’s statue and the tower for the unknown navy war deads. The most famous element in this festival is, of course, Tongeyeong Street Plays. This, centering Jeolla Jwasuyeong which was the Navy Headquarters of Three Provinces during the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592, displays the spirit of Chosun navy, Jwasuyeong’s formation, Jwasuyeong’s war preparation situation, the life of men at Jwasuyeong, and patriotism and filial duty shown by Admiral Yi Sun-sin. The parade filled with various performances such as the life of Admiral Yi Sun-sin, the sight of navy forces entering battle, the performance of daechwita and military band, and the navy’s sword arts, is performed along with citizens that has received the tradition of patriotism.

이순신 광장에서 장군과 수군 등이 훈련 모습

장군과 수군 등이 거북선을 사이에 두고 거리행진

For unique events of Yeosu Jinnam Geobukseon Festival, there is Yeongdangpungeo Festival that does pilgrimage for the Battle of Imlan’s marine historic sites and prays for good luck in fishing for fishing boats, Pungeogut, and taste festival of the locals, which boasts Yeosu’s various and unique eateries. Also, there is a domestic archery competition, of skilled archers, with the skill like Admiral Yi Sun-sin, Recreation of Sodong Thread Play, which has been passed on from 420 years ago in Jeolla Jwasuyeong region, Maegu Performance, Recreation of the gathering of 5 gwan 5 po Ipbanggun to the Jeolla Jwasuyeong fortress due to Admiral Yi Sun-sin’s war preparation orders, Jeolla Jwasugun ancestral rites, an ancestral rite that represents military command that is served on a bank, an only ancestral rite served by military officers and a combination of music, song, and war, Tongjeyeong street play performance to commemorate going into battle, Yongjuldarigi, a play made to unify and boost the spirits of the war-tired navy and people of Jeolla Jwasuyeong, 5 gwan 5 po art performance, and youth Yi Sun-sin selection contest, a selection contest to develop youths who can inherit Admiral Yi Sun-sin’s patriotism and become talented men of the nation.

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