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Jillyesan Mountain (Yeongchwisan Mountain) course that catches the hearts of the visitors of spring

It is a place where pink flowers are everywhere throughout
the mountain when spring visits

Yeongchwisan Mountain, located near Heungguksa, is one of the top 3 azalea habitats in Korea,
and every early April azalea of 50ha form a grand spectacle. Yeongchwisan is the largest azalea habitat in Korea, boasting the area of about 140 soccer fields, so it catches the hearts of visitors every spring.

Buddhist religion says the Yeongchwisan Mountain is where the Sakyamuni teached the Sutra of the Lotus and Amitabha. That is the reason why there are many mountains with the same name national-wide. Yeongchwisan Mountain of Yeosu is covered with pink flowers along the trail every spring.

The Yeongchwisan which extends to Samil-dong and Sangam-dong of Yeosu is not a really high mountain with the height of 510m. The mountain itself may not look great, but it's a beautiful place because it's the first place you can see the azalea flowers in every spring and silver grass in every fall.

진례산(영취산) 전경

진달래가 산과 한데 어우러져있는 진례산(영취산)의 전경

There are various hiking routes from 1 hour to 4 hours. You can enjoy the panorama of the Yeosu city. It's better to go to the mountain in spring and fall. In spring you will be mesmerized by the beautiful azalea flowers. And in fall, you can see the gorgeous wave of the silver grass. There is a azalea flower festival first week of every April. The visitors are able to enjoy the diverse programs of the festival. Heungguksa Temple is another great tourist attraction along the way. Heungguksa Temple was built by the famous monk Jinul wishing the prosperity of the temple and the nation. There are 6 Treasures and many other cultural assets in the temple. Also there is a legend that touching the door knob of the main building will exempt you from the three worst afterlives.

Jillyesan Mountain

Course A : GS caltex backdoors (Samil-dong Reserve Forces Training Center) → Eoksaepyeongwon → Jillyesan Mountain Summit(70minutes / 2.2km)
Course B : Sangamchogyo → Jinbok → Bonguje → Dosoram → Jillyesan Mountain Summit(60minutes / 1.8km)
Course C : Heungguksa → Yeongchwisan Mountain →Bonguje → Dosoram → Jillyesan Mountain Summit( 100minutes / 2.2km)
Course D : GS caltex backdoors → Eoksaepyeongwon → 450 Mountaintop → Jillyesan Mountain Summit → Dosoram → Bonguje → Yeongchwisan Mountain → 439 Mountaintop → Gallimgil → Heungguksa(4hours / 4.5km)

산 정상까지 만개한 진달래꽃

절벽위에 피어있는 진달래꽃과 절벽 아래에 펼쳐진 초록의 나무

흐드러지게 피어있는 진달래꽃 사이에서 사진을 찍고 있는 여자
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