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Geomundo Baetnoraetgil, with preserved purity of nature

Harmony of the song of the fishermen and sea views

The way to Geomundo Lighthouse and Geomundo Camellia Forest is a comfortable resting place, where beautiful nature
various animals and plants, song of the fishermen, and sea views form harmony, and it is also a report from nature

Geomundo Baetnoraetgil is divided in two courses: The Camellia Forest course, with various rare animals and plants, and Noksan Lighthouse course, with the purity of nature that is like an antler.

Camellia Forest course

Geomundo natural observational road→ Munengi → Seonbawi→ Camellia Tunnel Forest → Geomundo Lighthouse (1.2km / 1hour)

Geomundo is formed of three islands: Dongdo Island, Seodo Island, and Godo Island. After finishing the tour in Baekdo Island, one would arrive at Geomundo (Godo) dock and cross Samhogyo Bridge, which connects Godo Island and Seodo Island, and move to Seodo Island. From the dock to Geomundo Lighthouse, it takes about 1 hour by walking, and it takes 10 minutes by car: You will arrive in front of Mongneomeo. Passing by Mongneomeo, called so because when a storm comes by waves of 30-40m pass by, and climb the uphill of about 300m, and you will see Camellia Tunnel Forest. The way up to Geomundo Lighthouse is a camellia forest. Follow the trails and the camellia trees form a tunnel, and it is so robust that the skies are almost not visible. If you cross this green forest formed by camellia trees, then you can arrive at the lighthouse. The sea views seen through the habitat forest is also superb. The meeting with the fantastic sunset, seen through the sculptured sea views, is especially artlike.

동백터널숲 돌계단

거문도 등대 전경

Noksan Lighthouse course

Seodo School Sideway→Trail→Noksan Lighthouse→Trail→Seodo School Sideway (3km / 2hours)

The road led to the Noksan Lighthouse is quite as usual because the 6~7km road is may be tough for visitors. The unmanned lighthouse is at the end of the Seodo Island which is a part of Geomundo Island with Dongdo and Godo islands. Since 1958, the Noksan lighthouse has been guiding the ships travels between countless islands of Daedohae park such as Sonjukdo Island, Chodo Island, and Jangdo Island. You can see the Seodo Village around the entrance of the Noksan Lighthouse. The Seodo Village was the biggest until the Japanese people settle down in Godo Island. Now there is the Geomundobaennorae Inheritance Center in the village. Geomundobaennorae is a labor song for the fishermen. They play Korean traditional musical instruments, and when a person sings 'Eoyadiya, Eoyadiya' and others sing together with the following lyrics. The song was also included on the elementary school textbook and became famous by the tenor Bak Insu. The road is led to the Noksan Lighthouse from the village. The road to the Noksan Lighthouse is quite different from the one to the Geomundo Lighthouse. You have to go through Dongbaek tunnel to get to the Geomundo Lighthouse, there is only grassy plan land toward the Noksan Lighthouse. Geomundo Island people usually say that the Seodo Island is a female deer, Dongdo is a male deer, and Godo is a little deer. The Noksan area is like a head of the female deer, and the lighthouse is on the very top of the head. Like other lighthouses, the Noksan Lighthouse has a great view. There is a Mermaid Park whose theme is the legend of the mermaid living in the area. The trail to the Noksan Lighthouse is beautiful grassland. The unmanned lighthouse has no keeper but as beautiful as the Geomundo Lighthouse.

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