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Rocks of fantastic shapes are marvelous in this island-Geumodo Island Bireunggil Road

'Bireung' is a Yeosu dialect of byeorang (cliff).

The famous Geumodo Island, famous enough to recommend it as a summer resort, floating with the beautiful marine background,
came to be after it became known for 'Myeongpum tambangno' (masterpiece reporting route),
8.5km of berme that has formed along the cliff on the seaside.

Rocks of fantastic shapes are marvelous in Geumodo Island, an island at the edge of southern seas.

Endless cliffs along the seaside

As it has formed along the cliff on the coastal terrace, difficult to see in the southern seas, it is called Bireonggil. Between the bottomless cliff's bermes, there is Geumosup Forest, used for Chosun Kingdom's palace's construction material. It is a narrow way, walking through themovie shooting attraction spot where movies My Mother the Mermaid, Blood Rain,and Bedevilled has been shooted. Geumodo Island is a place that seems like it would have a golden terrapin somewhere. The blindingly blue ocean that can be seen in Bireonggil mountain climbing will be an energizer that can recharge tedious life.

Geumodo Island, an island at the edge of the southern seas, has large and small rocks of fantastic shapes scattered nearby, which even causes marvelous feelings to pass by. It is especially praised as a fishing spot for black porgies throughout the year so angler's footsteps never cease, and the whole of the marine road is receiving attention as a walking course. Moreover, it was a prohibited forest that ordinary men could not enter during Chosun Dynast. As a lumber camp, a deer farm, and others that were being used from the palace were located there, it makes it even more mysterious.
The archipelago's fantastic views and the cliff, connected along Bireonggil road, is enough to make one gasp. Also, there are paths that directly lead to the village for every section so people who either is lacking in time or stamina can come down the mountain anytime.
Bireonggil road was started to be created after it has been elected for eco-friendly lifestyle area construction business contest of Safety Executive. Thanks to that, Bireonggil road has almost its original shape while doing the least damage possible to nature.

금오도 전경

금오도 비렁길

Various Bireonggil road courses that has the nature itself preserved

Bireonggil road is divided into a total of 5 courses and mountain trailing courses, and it takes about 8 hours and 30 minutes for 18.5km.
The transparent sea water of Geumodo Island's Hamgumi dock, where Bireonggil road starts, where large and small fishing boats are lined up and the even the bottom is see-through, captures the hearts of visitors.

Get away from the dock and arrive at the entrance of Bireonggil road, and you will see that herbs of the family Umbelliferae are everywhere. It is said that if one eats this herb it not only prevents strokes but also gets rid of the wantonness in men which adds to the fun. Colonies of spear-leaf selliquea fern, a rare plant, greets the visitors in the thick forest, and aster, bracken, willow-leaf evergreen oak, ginger plant, nutmeg tree, black mushroom, and other plants are also growing so you can see that the vegetation are preserved well. After a moment of being intoxicated on the island’s beauty, if you walk 30 minutes straight, you will approach Yongmeori (Yongdu), named so because it looks like a dragon biting onto a cintamani. The archipelago’s views along with the silver grass field, rising above people’s heights, form a grand spectacle that leads one’s hands automatically to the camera.

금오도 비렁길의 촛대바위 전망대 코스

비렁길의 코스를 체험하고있는 관광객들


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