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Look at the island in a sight, Maebongsan Mountain Course

Maebongsan Mountain is a place where the coastal cliffs
and robust broad-leaved forest form harmony.

Maebongsan Mountain is a mountain in Geumodo, and its name came from the name of the village below the mountain.
It is also called Songgosan Mountain and Daebusan Mountain, but it is more famous for the name Maebongsan Mountain.
As the height difference is not great, it is an easy path that anyone can easily climb.

The cruise terminal is packed with the visitors and hikers going to the Bireonggil road. Geumodo Island is about 40km south of the Yeosu city.
The Jikpo Beach is not really deep, so it's the best choice for family with children. Also the pine tree forest older than 300 years is making a great shade and beautiful scenery. Geumodo Island is designated as 'an island of mountain hiking'. The hiking route is about 4 hours long and good to enjoy the walking through the woods of camellia trees, pine trees and Korean hornbeam trees. Geumodo Island Bireonggil Road is a 8.5km course along the coast starting from a mountain trail in the back of the Hamgumi Village.

The advantage of the Geumodo mountain hiking is that you can enjoy camellia flowers and views of Dadohaehaesang National Park. Visitors can see the Yeosu coastal sea, Gaedo Island, Sado Island, Dongsando Island and many other beautiful island from the ridge of the mountain.
If you want to enjoy the camellia flowers, take the Geombawi course. And if you want to go around 7~8 main peaks including Mt. Maebongsan, Kalibong and Oknyeobong, take the Ridge course from the Hamgumi.
The most popular place among the visitors is the coastal road. Recently they connected the roads from 'Hamgumi' which is in the center of the island to 'Wusil in Wuhak-ri', which is now 14km long. And also one of the advantages of hiking Maebongsan Mountain is that every hiking course has the direct way to the villages of the island, so you can come down anytime you want.

동백나무가 무성한 금오도 매봉산 전경

등산객이 매봉산을 오르고있는 모습

여수 앞바다와  개도 사도 돌산도 등 여러섬과 한데 어우러져있는 매봉산

Course Guide

You can choose from A, B, C course depending on the condition of the day and the time available. Course A starts from Hamgumi dock and goes through Maebongsan Mountain→ Munbawi Rock→ Karibong→ Neujinmok→ Ongnyeobong→ Geombawi Rock. It is a 9.9km course, takes about 5 hours, and it connects to Uhangni dock. If you wish for a lighter stroll, then you can either choose Course B where you start from Yeocheon Port and head to Hamgumi or Course C where you head to Uhangni from Yeocheon Port. Course B begins from Yeocheon Port and head toward the west to Munbawi Rock→ Maebongsan Mountain→ and arrive at Hamgumi. It is a 7.2km course that takes 4 hours. Course C begins from Yeocheon Port and head toward the south to Karibong→ Neujinmok→ Ongnyeobong→ and arrive at Geombawi Rock. It is a 5.7km course that takes 2.5 hours. The highest place is Maebongsan Mountain summit, which is 382m in height, and the trailing path is full of camellia trees, pine trees, and the Korean hornbeam so it is suitable for strolling.

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