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Hwawado Island Kkotseomgil- Flower is embraced with my eyes and scent is embraced with my heart.

It is an island that is even more beautiful because it is hidden.

If you slow down your footsteps for a second, then there are things that become visible then: Islands like soft hands that are floating all over the place through the archipelago’s watercourse. As you walk, with them by your side, the lives of the islanders seem affectionate. The sound of spring is embraced in Adonis plants. Flower is embraced with my eyes and scent is embraced with my heart.
Bottom Kkotseom, Hahwado’s spring thus came to me like so

Hwado is the name of Kkotseom Island in Chinese characters. Kkotseom on the top is called Sanghwado, and Kkotseom on the bottom is called Hahwado. Originally, as the shape of the island looks long stretched like cape, it was called Kkochiseom. It is considered that Kkochiseom changed to Kkotseom over time. After pronouncing similarly to Kkot (flower) the longly protruded figure called Kkochi, it seems it changed its meaning to ‘a place abundant with flowers’ over time. However, currently, as the whole island is full of azalea and wild chrysanthemum, it is called Kkotseom.

Kkotseomgil is dullegil that circuits the island, with the sea as one’s companion. As it is a road that circuits the 5km of the island in about 3 hours, it is too small to be called a course, in reality. Dock – Resting Pavilion 1 – Resting Pavilion 2 – Sunneombanneom Gujeolcho Park – Keunsan Observatory – Kkaenneom Observatory – Keungul Three way intersection – Maksan Observatory – Keungul Three way intersection – Aerimnin Wild Flower Park – Dock is the course. If you get off the dock, then you will notice the large writing on the rock ‘beautiful Kkotseom, Hahwado’. There are not many that know this island, as its glory is covered by the famous islands such as Geomundo Island, Sado Island, and Baekdo Island, but it is a treasure island not like any other to those who come to visit to find hidden treasure. The treasure is none other than the dullegil ‘Kkotseomgil’, of the flower-decorated island.

꽃이 가득한 꽃밭아래로 보이는 아름다운 마을 야경

하화도 최고의 비경 큰굴

Try walking to the Keungul direction after getting out to the marine road of the village. Follow the quiet marine roads then you will find Aerim Wild Flower Park, with beautiful flowers blooming and withering every season. Climb up 300m from the wild flower park, and then you will see ‘Sunneombanneom Gujeolcho Park’, also called Seommocho. From the flowerbed where the violet Siberian chrysanthemum starts to bloom to Keunsan Observatory, it is 400m. Keunsan is the highest place in Hahwado Island, and below, the coastline formed of rocks of fantastic shape extends far. Keungul, the greatest unexplored region of Hahwado, lies between Kkaenneom Observatory and Maksan Observatory. Waves flow in and out in between steep cliffs and a large cave opens its black mouth below the cliff. The beautiful day lilies that embroider the cliff yellow are beautiful. Keunsan Observatory, formed of wooden deck, and Kkaenneom Observatory is a point where all the islands of the archipelago such as Gaedo Island, Baekyado Island, and Geumodo Island, are seen at a sight, and even the Naro Space center of Goheun Oenarodo seem close enough to be able to be touched. If you walk along the mountain paths like so, then you will arrive at the dock in no time at all. Walk along the Kkotseomgil for about 3 hours and you would feel invigorated in both body and soul, as if you have absorbed in all of the nature of the island inside. Hahwado Kkotseomgil is a place where you can feel all of these: Beautiful flowers, the sea, and the views of Hallyeosudo.

절벽아래로 파도가 넘실대는 꽃길의 아름다운 전경

하화도 아름다운 꽃섬

전망대위에서 바라본 한려수도의 비경
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