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Dolsan gat-kimchi has a peculiar scent and tangy, spicy taste

Anyone who tastes it once seeks for it again for sure

The gat of Dolsan has a peculiar scent, and it has less tangy, spicy taste and fibers than an ordinary gat
There are no hair on the leaf and the stalk, unlike ordinary red gat, and it is a soft green vegetable. It also has higher protein content than other vegetables.

Dolsan gat has a unique scent and taste because it grew up under stormy weather

As you reach Dolsan, more and more signs of dolsan gat-kimchi can be seen. 'Dolsan gat-kimchi' that can be seen anywhere in Yeosu starts out in Dolsan. It is a masterpiece made from mixture of Dolsan's warm oceanic climate, alkaline soil and the wind. Dolsangat(mustard) of Yeosu is already famous in all around the country. Dolsangat raised in Dolsan, where the temperature barely falls below freezing, with sea winds is surprisingly soft and has great texture despite its big size. Dolsangat first gained its fame about thirty years ago. Dolsangat made of salty sea winds, red clay and war climate is divided to bomddong gat in spring, kimchi gat in summer and gimjang gat in winter. Most of dolsan gat-kimchi is made of bomddong gat. Bomddong gat only has few leaves and is three times more expensive than regular gat. Gat tastes different based on its way of growing the vegetable and the season. Dolsangat, that may look like a grown out lettuce or cabbage, started being cultivated forty years ago bringing in the 'mansaengpyunggyungyupjong' to Korea from Japan. Because gat is raised in warm oceanic climate and on alkaline soil, it is less spicy and doesn't easily grow sour, it is gaining popularity. Dolsangat, unlike common gat, has a unique scent and has less stingy taste and fiber. Unlike regular red gat, there aren't fine haris on leaves or stem and has high level of protein than other vegetables. Also, it contains abundant level of vitamin A and C. Dolsan gat-kimchi uses Dolsan gat as main ingredient with seasoning made of green onion, red pepper powder, garlic, ginger, myulchi jeotgal(pickled anchovy) and shrimp. The uniquely spicy taste of gat mixed with jeotgal's fermented taste brings out people's appetite, making people want to come back to eat the gat-kimchi.

돌산갓김치가 그릇안에 가지런히 담겨있는 모습

돌산갓김치를 양념에 버무리는 모습

돌산갓김치가 접시에 가지런히 놓여있는 모습

It is Yeosu's pride that can be enjoyed anywhere throughout the world

It is made during autumn and dolsangat not only has unique taste but also is good for storing. Also as calcium goes through goes through fermentation and fuses with lactic acid forming lactic acidic calcium, which fuses and this fuses with phosphorous being a main component of human’s bones being a key agent in human’s bone formation. Gat-kimchi also is good for the eyes, stops one's coughing and helps avoid stroke. Gat-kimchi has a lot of vitamin C, beta carotene, phenolic compound, chlorophyll being effective in preventing aging as they have anti oxidating functions.

As an organic health food with abundant vitamin A, calcium and iron, dolsan gat-kimchi is effective in avoiding adult diseases and pernicious anemia and also improving one's constitution. Now you can enjoy it in any place in the world as you can order it through internet, becoming the pride of Yeosu to the entire world.

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