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Odongdo Island
AddressSujeong-dong Yeosu-si Jeollanam-do San1-11
RecommendRecommend 27 Good

Detailed Description

Odongdo Island earned its name because of the shape of the island looks like an Odong tree leave, and also the island was covered with Odong trees. It's rocky coasts have cliffs here and there. You can also see many sea caves, tafoni, and arches around the coast. It takes about 10 minutes from Yeosu downtown. You also have to walk about 15 minutes along the breakwater to get to the island. There are also mural paintings on the breakwater which are the works of artists from Yeosu Branch of Korean Fine Arts Association. The road is selected as the 100 best beautiful roads in Korea. - Musical Fountain The fountain is the biggest musical fountain in Korea with width of 45m and height of 30m. This fountain is designed to make 2012 different actions. Except the winter season from December to February, the fountain is operated from 1100 am. to 1015 pm. - Dongbaek Train The Dongbaek Train has been carrying visitors since 1996. The train accommodate 108 passengers at the same time, and runs 1,200m along the breakwater for the convenience of visitors. - The Lighthouse There is a lighthouse on the top of the Odongdo Island. It's 27m tall and they have displayed data and materials about the lighthouse and sea. There is no admission fee, so feel free to go up to the observatory and enjoy the view of the sea.

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Attractions Service Information
Opening Days/Closing Days Open all year round(opening hours : 00~00 ) / , 연중무휴()
Admission Free
Parking Car : 60 cars /
Strollers Rental impossibility
Facilities For The Handicapped None
Foreign Language Guides possibility(영어, 일어, 중국어)

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