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Bokchun Sikdang
Address5-10, Gyodongnam 1-gil, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do 472
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Bokchun Sikdang is famous for Seodaehoe (sashimi of Seodae fish) and Aguijjim with its history more than 40 years. They dry and roast or make sashimi of Seodae fish to serve customers. With the Seodae dishes with various vegetables and sauce on the table, Aguitang (blackmouth angler stew) will follow. Aguitang is generally served in Masan-si area, but Bokchun Sikdang in Yeosu has their own recipe for the clean and unique taste of the stew.

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Business Hours 09:00 / 21:00 Closing days - -
Parking Parking AvailableParking fee : free. / Car : 2 cars / Around parking : 유료주차장이용 Seats 92 seats
Facilities For The Handicapped None Romper Room None
Foreign Language Guides Impossibility

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