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Gubaek Sikdang
Address18, Yeogaekseon terminal-gil, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do
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This restaurant was on TV more than 20 times. They make the vinegar for food on their own in a traditional way, and use only sun-dried salt which has been dried more than 2 years. Muchimhoe (sashimi mixed with vegetables and sauce) is somewhat different from sashimi or raw fish with bones. The taste of Muchimhoe needs to be cooked by a professional because who makes it really matters even with the same ingredient. The owner Son Chunsim makes dishes himself and double-check the taste, the dishes of the restaurant are so popular among visitors. The Gubaek Sikdang is now designated one of the Famous Southern Korean Restaurant.

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Business Hours 7시30분 / 20시 Closing days - -
Parking Parking AvailableParking fee : free. / Around parking : 인근주차장 Seats 84 seats
Facilities For The Handicapped Romper Room None
Foreign Language Guides Impossibility

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