A better life, happy Yeosu!

This is Jung Ki Myung the Mayor of Yeosu.

Thank you for visiting the Mayor’s Office.

Mayor of YeosuJung Ki Myung

Our city, Yeosu, is a city with three driving axes; a city of marine tourism and resort, the center of Korea’s petrochemical industry, and the port city with rich marine resources.

With these axes, I would like to make our city's future for the next century by realizing the renaissance of Yeosu bay, creating low-carbon intelligent material parts industrial complex, holding the 2026 Yeosu International Islands Exposition successfully, and hosting the 33rd Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Based on the foundation of our citizens’ unified willingness and strength, I will utilize all my might and strive to construct ‘Yeosu, the beautiful city and the base of the southern coast of Korea’ with full of communication, harmonization, and happiness.

Kindly requesting domestic/overseas visitors and investors to continuous interest in us, I expect to grow with you within unlimited possibilities and distinguished attractions of the city.

Further, I would like you to join us more and give huge support to us to spread ‘the era of citizen-centered happiness.’

Thank you very much.