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AddressGeomun-ri, Samsan-myeon, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do
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Geomundo Island is at the southern end of the Dadohaehaesang National Park which belongs to the administrative district of Gemun-ri Samsan-myeon Yeosu-si Jeollanam-do. The UK occupied the island on 15 April 1885 and UK forces stayed for 23 months to stop the southern expansion policy of Russia. There are camellia trees here and there on the island. About 70% of all trees on the island are camellia trees. The Geomundo Island is composed of three small islands of Seodo, Dongdo, Godo islands and a Manghyangsan Mountain. The sea is full of seaweeds thanks to the warm water of Kuroshio Current. The island has a indented rocky coastline, and the southern coast of Dongdo Island has many marine cliffs. - Manghyangsan Mountain The mountain is made of volcanic rocks of Mesozoic and Cretaceous periods. The mountain is very steep and has a indented coastline. The mountain earned its name Manghyang because it's the highest place of the islands so people should look up to the mountain. - Geomundo Lighthouse The lighthouse was built on 10 April 1905, and started the operation on 12th day of the same month. It's the first lighthouse along the southern coast of Korea, and also has the Gwanbaekjeong to accommodate visitors. - Geomundobaennorae It's the Intangible Cultural Properties No. 1 of the Jeollanam-do which was designated on 29 January 1972. Geomundobaennorae is a labor song which the fishermen of the area sang when they were catching fish. The song was written in the southern Korean style. When a person starts a song, the others sing along with the following lines.

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