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Mosageum Resort
AddressOhcheondong Yeosu-Si Jeollanam-do
RecommendRecommend 12 Good

Detailed Description

Mosageum resort is famous for its find yellow sand beach. It's also great place to watch the sunrise, and popular among fishermen. The beach of the resort is divided into find sand beach and pebble beach, and family visitors frequently come to the resort. The road toward the resort is lined up with metasequoia trees, and it's another attraction of the resort.

Information Use

Attractions Service Information
Opening Days/Closing Days Open all year round(opening hours : 09~18 ) / , 연중무휴()
Admission Free
Parking Car : 200 cars /
Strollers Rental impossibility
Facilities For The Handicapped None
Foreign Language Guides impossibility

Facilities / Adjoining Facilities

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