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Geobukseon Ship Festival
AddressJonghwa-dong, yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do
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Detailed Description

The Geobukseon Ship Festival is to commemorate the powerful Turtle ships during the Imjin War. Traditional navy forces begin the festival with martial arts performance and a ceremony of going to war. Souvenirs, experience programs, and academic and cultural events of the festival are the reason why the it is one of the best festivals in Korea. There are also performances of 'Geomundo Island Sailor's Song' which is the intangible cultural property No. 1 and 'Hyeonchoen Sodongpae Play' which is No. 7 to advertise Yeosu to the world. The spirit of the Admiral Yi Sunsin now represents the Yeosu city, which will be a world-famous harbor city.

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Opening Days/Closing Days Open all year round(opening hours : 08~23 ) / , 연중무휴()
Admission Free
Parking Parking : Free. /
Strollers Rental impossibility
Facilities For The Handicapped None
Foreign Language Guides impossibility

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