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Yeosu Jinnamgwan
AddressGunja-dong Yeosu-si Jeollanam-do 472
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Yeosu had been the base for navy forces of Joseon Dynasty for 400 years. Jinnamgwan is a historic site which was originally built in 1598 as a accommodation facility for the head of the navy forces in southern Korea. It was designated as the HQ by the Admiral Yi Sunsin and played a huge roll in achieving victories of Imjin War and Jeongyu War. Jinnamgwan is the biggest local government building. It\'s 15 blocks wide, 5 blocks long, and the area is about 793m2. Except temple, gallery and palace buildings, Jinnamgwan and the storage hall of the Tripitaka Koreana are the only buildings whose width is 15 blocks or longer. Since being built in the early 18th century, the Jinnamgwan has a great value as a historic, academic and artistic data. This accommodation facility was designated as Treasure in 1959, and designated again as the National Treasure 304 in 2001 for its importance and value. Also the lights are installed around the building which makes a great night view. Now Jinnamgwan is a emblematic tourist attraction of Yeosu. - Yeosu Stone Statue It\'s a granite statue on a stylobate. The statue is 2m tall and looks like a scholar with two hands folded wearing an official hat and clothes. It\'s said that seven statues were made but it\'s the only one left. - Jinnamgwan Imjin War Artifacts Museum There\'s a museum displaying artifacts related to Imjin War. You can see the models and miniatures of fortress, Geobukseon ship, Jinnamgwan, iron chains defense facility, etc. They also display portraits and artifacts of the Admiral Yi Sunsin, maps and books, miniature of the war and also arms of the age. - Monument of Water Barrier built by the General Yi Ryang The monument is to celebrate the building of water barrier by the General Yi Ryang in the mid-Joseon Dynasty to defend Japanese forces.

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