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Martyrs Memoral Hall of Rev. Son
AddressSinpung-ri Yulchon-myeon Yeosu-si Jeollanam-do 1
RecommendRecommend 11 Good

Detailed Description

The memorial hall is in a Y-shape, which symbolize his last name, the Trinity, and also himself and his two sons. The 12 sides of the building means 12 tribes of Israel and also 12 disciples of Jesus. The 6 steps means the process of starting the Sabbath.

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Attractions Service Information
Opening Days/Closing Days / , 기타()
Admission Free
Parking Parking : Free. / Car : 30 cars / Big Car : 6 cars /
Strollers Rental impossibility
Facilities For The Handicapped None
Foreign Language Guides possibility(영어)

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